Todd Burlington


I am normally an undergraduate physics student at the University of Exeter and come September 2016 I will be entering my fourth and final year. While I wait for that wonderful time I am spending my summer in the Informatics Lab which might be just as good as physics 😏

I entered the lab through the Met Office Summer Placement Scheme and I am here for 12 weeks. I wasn't sure what to expect when I started in the lab and that almost hasn't changed too much since being here - there's always a new and unpredictable project going on! The way it should be I'd say.

Here are some of my interests if you are interested! I love all things to do with technology and science and so spend a lot of time 'googling'. Recently, well actually following on from my last summer project, I have increasingly become interested in the overlap between design and technology. All of this naturally lead me to the lab. Apart from that I enjoy most sports, exploring new places and finding new music. Archery is the sport I practice the most, regularly shooting in the Universities BUCS squad.