Niall Robinson


I’m Met Office Informatics Lab’s Deputy Head and one of its resident scientists. Currently, “doing science” involves lots of stuff that isn’t science - moving data about in batch jobs, writing thousands of lines of code, reading piles of academic papers. I think Lab can let everyone get closer to what science is really about: understanding what’s going on. I’ve always been passionate about communicating science in a way that makes people want to listen (at least, that’s the goal).

So far my career has taken me all over the place. For my PhD I had to negotiate leeches and elephants whilst living deep in the Borneo rain forest for three months. This was all to find out more about how clouds are made, and how that might change if we cut the rain forest down. I’ve also done work (feeling rather travel sick) racing 50 feet above the ocean in the UK’s FAAM research aircraft. Since then I’ve worked at the Met Office researching the cutting edge field of Seasonal to Decadal climate modelling, before joining the Lab in 2015.